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Two Events!

Firstly, for you lot  who don't have facebook - My Birthday party on Tuesday the 23rd of February at November cocktail bar in Princes Square.  Need a full balcony or the manager will get pissy so bring along as many friends as you like, just make sure you dress smart as its a bit of a classy joint innit.

Secondly, LADIES I am hosting an Anne Summers party on Thursday the 4th of Feb!!  Fun and games for all the family so long as your family consists only of girls only I'm afraid.  Its a good chance to have a laugh and check out products without those sales assistants who don't know your name but want to know your bra size.  Plus there will be prizes and who doesn't love prizes?

I want to sleep with you all, especially lauren.

Rick Castle

This made my day ten times better when I curled up in bed to watch mah' shows.

Love ya Nate.

Oct. 12th, 2009

Does anyone have any simple - non diazipan based - advice for reducing teeth grinding at night?  I used to do it during the day which was frustrating but manageable since I could stop myself, but I've been waking up with an aching jaw for two weeks now and I no likey.  Plus I dont think Nick (who I am currently living with, oh yeah, news, really should update more often) appreciates me waking up two or three times a night to mutters of 'MotherFUCKER' as I feel my jaw relax.

Im also open to Homeopathy if nessecary, and homopathy but thats more for a different sort of relaxing.

Need Help!

Does anyone know who the lady in the red dress in our Flyer WIP is?  We need her permission to use her image and she's just so perfect for it!

**EDIT**  Found her!  Thanks guys :3

A More Cheerful Entry..


GICB LAUNCH PARTY 01/08/09Collapse )

Launch party will be fun, I promise.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Will be wearing epic Sailor Jupiter or Sela Miranda.  Probably Sela atm because its a bit more stylish but never say never et al!

Lauren, quit talking dirty to my boyfriend.  Your messing up my carefully balanced system ;p

And no matter how much you want that threesome, remember, Nick's room doesn't have walls :(
Nick has made a nerdy spreadsheet to see who's coming and who's not coming to his welcome home party.  This is really really sad but also means HE WILL NOTICE IF YOUR NOT COMING WITH COLOUR CODING.  Also I will be upset.  So come bitches.


Completely sick of still being on emergency tax now.  I keep being told that their sorting it, but well,  I work hard, sometimes 11-12 hour shifts - many of those extra hours unpaid - and I'm living completely hand to mouth.  Its only 4 days since pay day (in a five week month) and I'm already having freebee work toast for lunch.  Once I've paid my rent and bills and set aside money for the Ass-train to work each day, I'm completely broke!  This month I've managed to scrape together enough money for my trip to Glasgow but this is at the expense of buying anything for myself, including food and the pair of jeans I've needed since mine got a hole in the crotch 6 weeks ago.  Thankfully nearly all my debts other than my overdraft are now paid off but many more months of this and I'm going to develop new ones.  I'm tired, hungry and its making me feel agressive about people at work who buy £40 baseball caps, and shitty about comming into work at all when it feels like I'm working for free. 

And I want my Nick back and my internet back.  But mostly my Nick to calm me down :/
Nick is currently rocking the Iraqi mercenary translator look.